Hockey India: Pakistani Team wont be in without apology

Hockey India: Pakistani Team wont be in without apology


As hockey India Category (HIL) prepares for your 2016 annual match, the president of the country’s national federation, Narendra Batra, stated the contest would be offlimits for Pakistani participants before the Greenshirts apologise because of their misconduct in the 2014 Champions Trophy in Bhubaneswar.

“I would love to have Pakistan players but not with the kind of behavior they displayed in the Champions Trophy. And they have shown no regret of that incident in writing or otherwise. I don’t want to politicise the issue but that kind of behavior was unacceptable. Least we need an apology from them,” Hockey India chief Batra.

Several Pakistani people danced in jubilation removed their tops, and raised obscene gestures towards the group after winning the sport 4-3 in a sporting expertise.

Pakistan coach Shahnaz Sheikh apologised towards the public and also the nation’s federation following an outrage was triggered by the steps of his participants along with the team even came out with blooms for your public ahead of the start of the final against Australia.

“Shahnaz Sheikh has apologised and assured me that such behaviour will not occur again,” said a press statement by Wiert Doyer, tournament director of the Champions Trophy.

“Matters seemed to have been resolved after Sheikh’s apology, even though the FIH had hinted of possible action against the Pakistani team.”

Nevertheless, it seems the recent disputes between Pakistan and India have built over and after cricket, hockey stands to suffer with the deadlock between the two places.

Commenting on the effect of the group on Indian hockey, “Our aim at HIL is to form a pool of players for the future. We already have eight players from HIL in the national side. HIL has created heroes and a space for itself in the big world of cricket.

“We have won the Asian Games gold after 16 years and were able to get the better of Pakistan in an Asian Games final after 48 years since 1966. So the national sport has certainly improved in the last four or five years and HIL is one of the reasons behind it.”

The Hockey Asia leader also revealed options of getting qualified coaches for planning and coaching of the activity and people in the united states.

“You will see many Indian coaches come up in the next three to four years. We are in the process of building a pool of professionals who can really take the game to a new level. Young officials have adapted to the changes in the game and that is encouraging and I can see Indian coaches making a mark in the next few years,” he said.

But Batra was of the opinion never to be shortsighted inside the method by segregating coaches in overseas and national classes.

“We have never had any egos as far as hiring foreign professionals are concerned. I don’t know whether I am right or wrong in my assessment, but I believe our neighbours Pakistan are lagging behind on this count and have failed to catch-up with the changing ways in the game,” Batra said.