HOLD UP! Selena Gomez: Flirting & Dancing With Hot Guy At Fort...

HOLD UP! Selena Gomez: Flirting & Dancing With Hot Guy At Fort Worth Rooftop


Selena Gomez had such a blast at her cousin’s engagement party and she was dancing on top of the tavern at one point! an eyewitness who tells us that Selena was getting her flirt on and we know with who! She was very polite and friendly to everyone,” a source tells us.

“She looked to be enjoying the company of a handsome young man. They were pretty much together the entire time, combined with the other people in their celebration. They danced. Everyone had an enjoyable time.” We also can inform you that Selena helped the fiance of Priscilla plan the entire party and she was completely shocked.

As soon as Priscella got off the elevator, he got down on one knee and pulled a diamond ring out! “[Justin and Selena] happen to be texting and speaking,” an insider says. “It has all been initiated by Justin. He likes going back to the good to keep her in his life.

He doesn’t enjoy it he’s a sixth sense when that’s happening and when she is about to move on; he keeps stringing her along. And she just can’t get over him. It’s like a dependency involving the two.”