Hollywood pay gap: Lawrence’s attack on Bradley Cooper

Hollywood pay gap: Lawrence’s attack on Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper, best actor nominee for his role in "American Sniper," arrives at the 87th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 22, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Performer Bradley Cooper applauded his most common co-star Jennifer Lawrence for speaking out about the gender pay disparity of Hollywood and said it is the right time to fixing the problem.

Cooper, interviewing about the latest reveal “Burnt,” said it was “fantastic” that Lawrence had taken up the cause and that her popularity gave her a great “platform.”

“Would people listen if another woman said it?,” he asked.

Lawrence is Oscar holder for “Silver Linings Playbook” and named as the “Highest-paid performer,” last year having an estimated $52 million income.

Still, She¬†attack on the wage gap on Tuesday, entitled “Why Do I Make Less Than My Co-Stars,”

Previously, Lawrence said she had worried about being labeled a spoiled brat when negotiating film deals.

But the concept changed when she came to know that she was paid millions less than any of her three male costars, including Cooper, for her part in 2013’s “American Hustle.”¬†“I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator since I gave up early,” Lawrence said.

Cooper, who Forbes said got $41.5 million in the past year, said he’d been shocked to find what Amy Adams was paid for “American Hustle,” which won her a best actress nomination.

“She worked everyday on that movie and got paid nothing. It’s really horrible actually, it’s almost embarrassing,” Cooper said.

Adams “should have been paid more than everybody” for her work on the film, Cooper added, saying he hoped Lawrence’s essay would “allow people like Amy to also speak up.”

Cooper is going to team up with female costars to negotiate salaries before any film he is interested in working on goes into production.

“I don’t know where it’s changing otherwise but that’s something that I could do,” Cooper said.

“Usually you don’t talk about the financial stuff, you have people. But you know what? It’s time to start doing that,” he added.