Hollywood star Leonardo dicaprio talks about climate change

Hollywood star Leonardo dicaprio talks about climate change


Climate change could function as the challenge of our time, however a Hollywood star will always trump summit or a treaty in regards to rallying the worldwide public to the cause.

Environmental risks loom big in many an American hit, as in this year’s “Mad Max” in regards to the fight for accessibility to water, or “Interstellar,” featuring several astronauts who leave a World made uninhabitable by annoyances and sandstorms to seek a fresh planet.

However, for a lot of the glitterati, the conflict is fought display off, presenting in the road calling for action on social networking or bringing their faces.

The unofficial leader ambassador of Tinseltown is Leonardo DiCaprio. Last year he started a summit on climate change in the United Nations having a blunt warning: “None of it’s hysteria. It’s true.” “This isn’t a partisan argument. It’s a human one.

DiCaprio, that will attend the COP21 climate change discussions in Paris is crusading since 1998 on global warming, when the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is involved in 78 jobs was founded by him and raised.

DiCaprio is far from alone.

And Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin and Morgan Freeman wrote directly requesting him to direct a green energy revolution. Just how much impact does the profile of the campaign to save the planet actually have on public approaches, although star power has increased it? The reply is very a lot, in accordance with Jon Christensen, a senior fellow.

Poor communication is among the primary issues in regards to raising consciousness of global warming, Jon explained. “The best messages about climate change are narratives people can connect with their very own lives and show folks that there are positive means they can take action,” he said.