Holy Shit! AWKWARD ENCOUNTER: Did Zayn Malik Really Get a Tattoo on...

Holy Shit! AWKWARD ENCOUNTER: Did Zayn Malik Really Get a Tattoo on His Face? Take a Look


Was an extremely long-term change only made by Zayn Malik to that particular wonderful face of his?

The vocalist took this day to share a close up side view of the face that people only can not get enough of, but, hold on a second, there is something obstructing our view of that temple that was perfect. On his face, folks.

It is likely not, because it is Zayn even if you want it is imitation.

The tat seems to be a phoenix in flight using a banner across its body including the letters M.O.M, and even though it will be super presh to suppose his latest artwork is in honor of his mom, something tells us it is likely focused on his forthcoming first solo album Thoughts of Mine, which drops March 25.Given that vision, it is clear of the value supporting the artwork piece.

In Greek mythology, the phoenix symbolizes reincarnation, and together with the inclusion of his record initials inside the piece, indicates that a statement is being made by Zayn about his new journey pursuing music. When it comes to positioning, there have already been rumors that the right-side of your brain commands imagination, while the left brain commands sense, however that is since been crushed.

Malik just captioned the picture, “Like I’d,” which is the name of his latest single.

“You must at all times stay true to yourself and do whatever makes you happy because at the close of the day, you reply to yourself, therefore itis an excellent spot to be in.