HOLY-SHIT! Ex-Lover Aishwarya Rai Bachchan just SUPPORTED Salman Khan in the Olympics...

HOLY-SHIT! Ex-Lover Aishwarya Rai Bachchan just SUPPORTED Salman Khan in the Olympics Goodwill ambassador controversy!


From the minute Salman Khan has been declared as the Goodwill ambassador of Rio Olympics, it’s kicked up a storm of discussions. While of his fans believe it’s a good selection, others have reservations about it where sports styles like Milkha Singh even went on to slam the decision stating, “I want to make it clear that I am not against Salman Khan, but the decision of the IOA is wrong and the government should intervene in the matter. This is for the first time I am seeing a Bollywood hero being made goodwill ambassador for Olympics. I want to ask has Bollywood ever made any sportsperson an ambassador for any of their mega event?” Obviously, the selection did come as a shocker. But what’s more shocking is how this ‘petition’ signed by Aishwarya Rai against Salman Khan is now doing the rounds on the internet. Yes!

Ash’s name is clearly seen mentioned as the creator of this petition that says, “Ban Salman Khan from being Good Will Ambassador 2016 Rio Olympics. It even elaborates on why Khan should be banned, on the basis of his controversial past and legal cases. Looks more like Ash’s name has been misused in this petition. At the L’oreal event today, Ash broke the silence on her opinion about this debate saying, “I just have to say that anybody who is doing good and representing the country and working for whatever vocation we have done for the betterment of the country be it sports or any other field is wonderful and that needs to be recognized.”