Hong Kong ELECTION: Anti-China activists set to take LegCo seats

Hong Kong ELECTION: Anti-China activists set to take LegCo seats


A fresh generation of anti-China activists have won seats on Hong Kong’s Legislative Council (LegCo), preliminary results indicate.

Is Nathan Law, among the youthful leaders of the mass pro-democracy demonstrations of 2014, who’s on course to win a constituency seat.

It’s the first flavor of actual political power for the youthful demonstration leaders.

But pro-Beijing politicians will keep a majority of seats, partially due to the electoral system.

“I believe Hong Kongers actually needed change,” AFP quoted Mr Law as saying. “Young people have a feeling of urgency when it comes to the future.”

The election is the first in the territory since the 2014 “Umbrella Demonstrations”, which found central regions of Hong Kong paralysed by mostly young protesters demanding great democracy.

He’s an associate of the Demosisto party, set up by student leaders of the protests which calls for self-determination for Hong Kong.

Nominees were competing for 70 seats on the LegCo, which passes budgets and laws . But just 35 constituency seats are elected by the people.

Another 30 seats represent trades or particular professions and can only be voted for people joined merely 6% of the inhabitants, to the commerce. An additional five “super seats” are picked by voters across the territory.

The vote does not elect the chief executive, who’s the head of government, but many analysts believe the results could have an impact on whether China gives current leader CY Leung a second period in office.