Horror Stories! A new trailer of Game Of Thrones is out and...

Horror Stories! A new trailer of Game Of Thrones is out and it is scary for so many reasons


When there’s any award for playing using their heads and teasing people, we are more than confident that it would be bagged by HBO.

After releasing a whole lot of pictures in the Game Of Thrones’ Season 6, the TV channel released another trailer recently to make us realise how far April is. Why do you do this HBO?

The clip takes us deep to the Hall of Faces, where Arya used to work together with the Faceless Men remember. Yes, the exact same room that’s a large number of faces of people that are dead. Starting with Eddard Stark, we can see faces of all characters, that have died an awful death, kept in eerie silence of the area. From the head of Ned Stark, we then visit with everyone’s least favourite bastard Joffrey Robb, Catelyn, and poor Jon Snow.

Paired with all of the other dead characters, it is an obvious indication towards Jon Snow is truly dead, but many of the fans (including us) believe that it’s only a false flag used to make panic.

There is undoubtedly that HBO desires to just freak you out, if nothing else.

Valar Morghulis. All men must perish!