HOT AND BOLD! Ranveer Singh reveals why he loved going on a...

HOT AND BOLD! Ranveer Singh reveals why he loved going on a KISSING SPREE for Befikre


Aditya Chopra does not follow trends, he makes them. Which is when he released the first tune of Befikre, starring Vaani Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, it had to be something distinct. The tune Labon Ka Karobaar doesn’t feature the lead couple. It shows various couples. Not everyone got the notion behind the tune. The truth is, the video continues to be criticised by those brought up on typical B -Town romances where couples look into each other’s eyes and sing.

It really is learnt that Labon Ka Karobaar will roll with the opening credits of the movie, which can be also why it is the first tune Adi’s Yash Raj Films has released. Says a source from YRF, “A kiss is known to have sexual connotations and Adi desires to break that image. When Labon… comes with the opening credits, it will ring in heady memories of love affair and set the mood for a carefree, unhindered experience of love. After the song ends, what follows will not be interpreted in a sexual context and will be seen as natural. The movie is set in Paris, therefore the video is about kissing couples in the town of love. The theory of the tune is always to make a kiss look as caring and as natural as a hug — something that doesn’t occur much in public in India.”

In Befikre revealing the pair kissing up to now, all the released promotional images of Vaani and Ranveer. That was a lead in to the Labon… tune, which will will establish the mood and tone for a romance between the lead pair.

You see kissing as a thing that is normal like a hug — an act of warmth and love.

Ranveer appears to buy into that theory even off-display, which is why there are a lot of pictures of him kissing ladylove Deepika Padukone and her reciprocating.