HOT AND HANDSOME Salman Khan looks like he’s turning 30 instead of...

HOT AND HANDSOME Salman Khan looks like he’s turning 30 instead of 50 in the latest mag cover!


Salman Khan certainly is a chameleon, do not you believe? He is able to start off as an innocent small town lad and right into a youthful Prince, can transform within minutes after which return to looking his butch greatest and come all the way down to his self that is clean! Wow, that is one large circle? The performer, who recently got acquitted in the 13 year hit and run is eventually out of one hassle. However on the other hand, the performer has managed to not cut dirty with all his recent transformations. Well, every year is a contentious afflicted year for the star but the performer has consistently managed to come from his predicament with results that are clean.

At least the performer eventhough he maintains that it is likely to be a working birthday for him and can eventually celebrate his 50th birthday, take him and his close buddies from buddies and the sector will create a surprise visit! But keeping those speculations aside, take a look at this cover photograph of Salman in black where he seems his fine finest! It’s not possible to tell that 50 is turning because he seems so young! Having cleared his name Salman can breathe a sigh of relief, and having ruled box office using the top numbers in 2013 and enjoy a bright future.

So people! Sets together for this wonderful homage by the magazine to the famous star of Bollywood!