Hot Guy Varun Dhawan – the young turk who took the box...

Hot Guy Varun Dhawan – the young turk who took the box office by storm in 2015! CONGRATS


Varun Dhawan, shot to fame after debuting opposite Alia Bhatt in Karan Johar’s Pupil Of The Entire Year. The performer has come a very long way in a brief period though Varun is only five movies old. All gen-next stars Arjun Kapoor, like Sidharth Malhotra, Ranveer Singh happen to be doing well in the box office but this year really belongs to Jr Dhawan. The movie made just in the box office about Rs 82 crore. Ranveer has also had a typical year, his Dil Dhadakne Do made Rs 80 crore, yet with Bajirao Mastani establish to release, he can finish on a great note.

But, the Dilwale performer has had two launches in 2013, one experimental thriller Badlapur ABCD 2, and one mass entertainer. The movies did well in the international together with national box office. ABCD 2 earned Rs 102 crore while Badlapur earned at the national box office. His complete tally in the national box office is Rs 152 crore.

The most important reason for Varun’s success is the selection of movies he’s made. As exhibitor and vendor, Akshaye Rathi shows, “If you see Varun Dhawan’s career graph, then you’ll realise that except Badlapur, he’s never gone down that ‘let us experiment’ path. It could be that he’s imbibed the great sensibilities of his dad that makes him take up commercial movies and totally primary stream.

Both of them are mass entertainers, which can be an uncommon scenario of the gen- stars that are next. Talking about Varun especially, he’s a bundle of amusement. The way he dances, he plays and his comic timing has a great equilibrium involving the ability amuse the masses also as well to participate the multiplex crowd. He’s in a position to reach that balance, which other gen-next stars aren’t having the capability to do.”

With Zoya Akhtar’s next in his kitten and amusing movies like Dishoom, Varun is set for 2016 at the same time.