HOT & HANDSOME John Abraham’s fierce look from Force 2

HOT & HANDSOME John Abraham’s fierce look from Force 2


From Rocky Handsome to Force 2, there is no stopping John Abraham, who’s now busy shooting for Rohit Dhawan’s forthcoming film Dishoom.

The very first appearance of his picture Force 2 continues to be shown as well as the performer is donning many shades of gray in a tight frame that sees him looking right upwards and stooping. His look that is tough looks like John is able to avenge someone and the bruises add to the storyline that looks a fairly similar to its prequel.

Discussing the character in this movie John was formerly quoted saying, “Now I Have just began ‘Force 2? and I am nervous because we must really go beyond that (‘Rugged Handsome’), and that is precisely what we’re striving.”

“We’ve got powerful emotions inside.

The performer, who lately celebrasted his birthday has 5 with that John will soon be seen ruling the charts along with his back in the entire year in the future and launches. The performer continues to be training himself for months in activity and also this time around he’s assured the amount of his action sequences will rise a notch up. “Just like how performers train for tunes and dancing sequences, I trained myself for activity. There are nine or eight action sequences in the movie that are my item numbers.

We definitely are!