HOT HOT HOT! Chloe Khan flashes n**ples and major cleavage as she...

HOT HOT HOT! Chloe Khan flashes n**ples and major cleavage as she cosies up to Bear’s dad at CBB eviction


Chloe Khan wasn’t leaving anything to the imagination at Friday nighttime’s Celebrity Big Brother eviction.

Chloe, who was booted off the show last week, watched her former housemates James Whale and Lewis Bloor get kicked out of the house – though she did her best to make all about her.

The former X Factor contestant was snatched hugging and kissing Bear’s beaming father and also desperately attempting to protect her exposed cleavage.

Though she’s no stranger to flashing her skin, the 25-year-old star’s skimpy cream frock fought to contain her ample breasts.

Despite the mixed reaction it was James and Lewis who lost their place in the home, becoming the fifth and sixth evictees – following Heavy D ‘s exit on Tuesday night.

Chloe – who was all grins on Friday night despite the leading fashion fail – said she was chuffed after she was chosen by Bear over his alienated ex Lillie Lexie Gregg.

Speaking on Big Brothe ‘s Bit On The Side earlier this week, she said: “I really thought Bear was going to cry his eyes out when Lilllie walked in because anyone that knows him, knows that he’s actually a really sweet and sensitive person. I thought he was going to crack but he didn’t.

“It’s bizarre that she wanted to go in there. When you’re in there, it’s like your own little universe. It was crazy to watch her go in but I’m glad she did.

“What she said needed saying – but I actually am surprised she wanted to take action.

Chloe additionally shown that she isn’t going to date anyone else until Bear comes out of the house as she needs to discuss her future with him first.