HOT HOT HOT! One Night Stand stars Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani...

HOT HOT HOT! One Night Stand stars Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani reveal details about intimate scenes


Sunny Leone is in everywhere these days just because of her hot steamy movie One Night Stand. Male lead in the movie is Tanuj Virwani. In an recent exclusive interview Sunny and Tanuj were ask if they were comforable with eachother or not?

Tanuj leading the way said it is always too mechanical for him. “I don’t think so because the thing is…as an actor you have to be prepared to do all kinds of scenes” he said. The actor further compared shooting such scenes to comic book strip. He said “And it’s very mechanical and systematic. We literally break it down to shot to shot, like a comic book strip”.

Sunny chipped in with her inputs on the question by agreeing to what her co-star said. “I am very systematic type person. I like everything spelled out before we start shooting especially when you are dealing with intimate scenes.” she said. To make something really look beautiful it has to be thought out she further stated. “I think with Jasmine and our DOP together; A- we see this intimate scene happening through a woman’s eye and B- Rakesh made us look the way we look. So we are lucky”. She added. It was very sweet of the actress to give all the due credit to the DOP and the director of the film.