Hot Hot!! Kylie Jenner & Tyga: He Seduces Her With Hot Sex...

Hot Hot!! Kylie Jenner & Tyga: He Seduces Her With Hot Sex After Every Cheating Rumor


Wondering Tyga hasn’t been broken up with by Kylie Jenner ? Well,we learned their sex is really hot that she finds it almost impossible to remain mad at him when two-timing gossips that were new surface.

26, Tyga, continues to be dogged by rumors of infidelity throughout the majority of his relationship. And also you may be asking yourselves, why? She will get so distraught when she is fighting with Tyga, it is like the planet is finishing, and then, they work out things and have astonishing makeup sex and she falls more in love with him.

“It’s so messed up, but in a sick way all the drama and fighting is making Kylie even more attached to Tyga. She’ll get so distraught when she’s fighting with Tyga, it’s like the world is ending, and then, they work things out and have amazing make-up sex and she falls even more in love with him. When things are good, they spend hours in bed together. Kylie always brags about how long their sessions go, and what great stamina Tyga has. She’s on cloud nine afterwards, but then before long, something happens, she’ll get jealous or Tyga will do something shady and it will all explode again,” a source tells.

Not only is Tyga well endowed, but he’s also a tiger in the sheets — good to understand. Great sex is all and great, but it is even better with somebody who treats you right. We’re happy for her, if Kylie’s happy, but we merely hope Tyga is not cheating on her.