Hot Hot! Thor Chris Hemsworth is in India and was seen KISSING...

Hot Hot! Thor Chris Hemsworth is in India and was seen KISSING a cow


Only see the story once, before you go insane screaming for Chris Hemsworth. We understand you do not care what we’ve to say since the fact that the godly-appearing Thor is in India is enough for you. We agree…

the feelings are entirely mutual but we still insist. So here it goes. Chris shared a graphic of his excursion here where it seems his asking a cow to get a kiss. In fact, he even captioned the picture as ‘Give us a kiss, gorgeous.’ It appears the actor is making the the majority of his stay here.

The couple is in India to be involved in a Spanish programme Planeta Calleja and would try to climb an 18,000ft mountain which hasn’t been investigated as of yet. It will certainly be taxing and they are completely up for it.

But it’s their cute graphic together that got us go SIGH! That occurs when you see such good looking guys getting taken by hot babes. Elsa shared a picture of the couple which has Chris holding her tightly while she’s smiling broadly, sitting on a bike. She captioned the picture as, “Tranqui mi amor Se lo que me hago! Rest love, this won’t hurt a bit!”