HOT Jacqueline Fernandez? OR Deepika Padukone, Kriti Sanon? who will make Hrithik...

HOT Jacqueline Fernandez? OR Deepika Padukone, Kriti Sanon? who will make Hrithik Roshan look sexier onscreen?


He’s got the looks to die for, who even in the age of 42 nearly manages to kill us along with that ridiculously hot disposition and his envious physique! (Even that grin and his dirty hair) No wonder he is been declared as among the hottest guys in Asia in 2013! So now being his 42nd birthday, our only wish would be to see him experiment with performers that are newer more frequently. Say perhaps with an Jacqueline Fernandez or a Deepika Padukone. We all know it is possible to do it Hrithik.

Deepika Padukone

You can just imagine what this pairing can look like. Tall, exquisitely and pretty good looking pair on screen which may slay us! We can not wait to observe this oh-so-hot couple dancing to the melodies of pure and love love affair. Omg!

Jacqueline Fernandez

This SriLankan bombshell can appear stunning opposite any specified celebrity and she is demonstrated it time and again. Carrying out a movie with Hrithik would just mean the sexiness! Their stunning pairing can not only encourage glamor but even a brownie stage when it comes to cute-hot-sexy, all in once onscreen! Phew!

Kriti Sanon

Kriti is really is tall and REALLY pretty! Consider it…

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi is amazing if Hrithik is hot! She does not require a size zero to indicate her sex appeal! Only it is sufficient to light up the screen and any one particular grin! Do not you believe so?

Anushka Sharma

Anushka has bagged a part opposite Salman Khan in Sultan. She is worked with Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan overly in yesteryear and she is appeared convincing opposite all three Khans! That day undoubtedly is not that far when she will farther be seen delivering a hit that is dreamy with Hrithik! Hot! Hot! Fully Hotness personified!!!

Sonam Kapoor

And last although not the least is Sonam Kapoor for the reason that is only because we adored the chemistry of the two Dheere Dheere, in their latest musical! Why not interpret exactly the same in a movie men?
By voting in the particular box below tell us who according to you is a perfect match for Hrithik and do come back for the verdict to BollywoodLife! Hrithik, happy Birthday!