HOT Kareena Kapoor, SEXY Alia Bhatt, GORGEOUS Priyanka Chopra: Who looks the...

HOT Kareena Kapoor, SEXY Alia Bhatt, GORGEOUS Priyanka Chopra: Who looks the best with Shahid Kapoor?


The term ‘new child on the block’was termed after the film industry was entered by Shahid Kapoor . He looked right from school and had an impish, boyish charm. Power filled characters like Haider from being labeled as an average chocolate lad he’s a long way to doing extreme. But he’s been consistently a fan boy very well! And his intimate picture drawn out from his to his off display life on screen characters. He was in an extremely public, serious relationship till they did their last movie as a couple, but their jodi wasn’t a success. Likewise, we bring his popular pairings using the leading actress of Bollywood.

Alia Bhatt

When their last movie Shaandaar’s stills masses lapped up their jodi. They acted collectively and cannot get above their chemistry in how that they danced. Their away screen chemistry was a discussion to the town also. But Alia and Shahid rocked collectively. They’ve yet another picture, Udta Punjab. Let us see if their mints that are jodi monet this time.

Kareena Kapoor

This bit is going to not be complete without mentioning his ex flame’s name. They did some truly forgettable movies collectively but their last movie together broke individuals and all records LOVED them. Concur?

Priyanka Chopra

People’s hearts were stolen by them using their cutesy chemistry in the Kamine of Vishal Baradwaj if reports must be believed, and they soon began dated for a bit through the exact same interval. They did another movie called Teri Meri Kahaani which neglected to make any mark. It turned out to be a huge flop. Can you like to see Sasha again again, who’s on her globetrotting spree!

Sonakshi Sinha

Collectively, they did a really commercial, masala movie called R Rajkumar. Crowds enjoyed their pairing that was somewhat uncommon. Sasha had a success following quite a while and their risk worked out, Sona was partially responsible to the exact same. We bet you still will not be able to prevent yourself from gyrating Saree Ke Fall Sa, to that catchy dance number!