HOT LOOK! Varun Dhawan learns to drive a speedboat for his upcoming...

HOT LOOK! Varun Dhawan learns to drive a speedboat for his upcoming film Dishoom!


That is what is occurring on the sets of Dishoom! Jacqueline Fernandez, John Abraham, Varun Dhawan and manager, Rohit Dhawan are now not idle on seas and the terrains of the Middle East, shooting at their forthcoming movie Dishoom.

Certainly from videos as well as the images that Jacqueline Fernandez and Varun Dhawan are sending, we’ve a concept of just what a gala time they are having in Abu Dhabi. While the cast is taking advantage of the time in the foreign land, they are also working out to give some input signals that are productive to the approaching movie.

Additionally, since it is the picture of Rohit Dhawan, he is ensuring that brother Varun also puts in lots of attempts to help make the action scenes seem legitimate! And you know what, Varun is really learning the best way to drive a speedboat for a specific action sequence!

A top tabloid has reported so he is able to train himself on the Badlapur celebrity wakes up earlier in relation to the remaining team!

This kind of scene is going to not be low on activity and Varun is working hard to make it appear legitimate. He is in the UAE for a 35-day program.” We must clock rates of 200 kilometers per hour. I’ve had a few sessions.

This one, rather a professional! His quotation certainly is making us restless to see the movie.