HOT SCOOP! Bigg Boss 9 hottie Mandana Karimi reveals why she never...

HOT SCOOP! Bigg Boss 9 hottie Mandana Karimi reveals why she never opted for SKIN SHOW on Salman Khan’s show!


Using a hot bod like Mandana Karimi, I am sure most of you guys must have expected her to set the temperatures soaring on Bigg Boss 9. Now that is how it’s always been right? Ever thought about why Mandana did not select this ‘alluring’ route, despite discarding her inhibitions -com like Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3? Well, read on…

So I got in touch with Mandana soon after the BB9 ending and attempted getting a knowledge of her game. She played for TRP but fast affirmed that her definition of TRP does not mean to cross her limits just to snatch a few more eyeballs, while she confessed. She said, “That’s really not what folks desire. But Bigg Boss jo show hai, it’s about your style.

It is about who you are and I was only being honest. Me being rude was not for TRP. Four months in the home, you are out into situations that need reactions. There were people who’d bitch about you. But I always said it that dude, I don’t enjoy you. Agar primary two bit mein hoti toh nahi karte edit.

Colours were appreciated by me for taking me. Why you’re in the show ? To entertain folks. Uncomplicated. For instance, Nora’s way to amuse was by falling in love. She stated that around the stage right? But my way was only to be myself. I needed to play Mandana, that’s it!”

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