HOT SCOOP! Deepika Padukone to become Hollywood’s next Angelina Jolie?

HOT SCOOP! Deepika Padukone to become Hollywood’s next Angelina Jolie?


All of us understand Deepika Padukone‘s Hollywood fantasies got realised in a big way with the lead being bagged by her opposite Vin Diesel in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. Yes, the teaser of the film wasn’t enough since it’d the smasher for just a couple of scenes and we’ren’t satisfied with that. We’re confident next time she will be shown a lot. Next year the film releases in January and that has gotten everyone. We also told you how Deepika is attempting to make it big on the Hollywood turf. Actually, Vanity Fair named her . The Bajirao Mastani celebrity it appears wants to get as big in the West as PC. Now we now have heard something that has left us stumped.

Let us tell you how. You all might remember the Lara Croft series which had Jolie beating the daylights out of the goon. She is an artifacts collector and a lot of them have magic inside them. The celebrity seemed hell of a lot hotter than she did in any of her films and was unparalleled in those scenes. We’re confident everyone must have watched the series on loop. Rumours imply Deepika’s next Hollywood enterprise is on the lines of Tomb Raider just and she is going to be seen as the warrior that is cunning. Now we all know the celebrity will appear killer in the film as she has the body, face, attitude and acumen needed to impersonate such a strong and slick character. But there’s more!

We have also learned that the movie will have a desi touch. Yes, it will be a Hollywood film but with desi tadka. The picture will be pronounced with an enormous bang, something that will make a strong impact. We also learn that she can have a very astonishing avatar, something you haven’t seen. All this has made us impatient with this new film of Deepika. This girl is absolutely going places and we might like to part of that journey forever.

This can be an enormous deal for Bollywood to see an actress from India be part of a movie of large scale. Bagging something like for Deepika now, sky is the limit and that too in her second film there whic is a huge achievemnt. Close to home, she’ll shortly begin shooting at Padmavati with Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor.