HOT SCOOP!! Priyanka Chopra was in a dilemma before signing Quantico?

HOT SCOOP!! Priyanka Chopra was in a dilemma before signing Quantico?


Priyanka Chopra who is a known face in West today should thank the day Quantico was signed by her. The celebrity’s television series was well acclaimed and was her character of Alex Parish. Yet, did you know, PeeCee had practically rejected this part?

Who could have rejected such a excellent offer and why? Well, only Priyanka can answer that. Talking to a popular site on this offer in West Priyanka said, “ because it’s an obligation that is really long, I said no.” Ms Chopra had so much going on in Bollywood that she had to literally consider giving a miss to this offer. A show in the West obviously meant that she would have to relocate to another state due to which Bollywood jobs might endure.

But then Priyanka heard the whole narration and was impressed with the character of Alex Parrish which was offered to her. It was the role she was aiming for her Hollywood debut. Whereas Priyanka is an Indian yet the part was initially composed for an American girl.

We thank her for not rejecting such a terrific offer, an offer that could kill anyone. The real reason behind Priyanka being an international star now is her television series and precisely the same reason gave her Baywatch by which she plays the antagonist. PeeCee who has earlier enacted such roles in Bollywood, will try her hand for the first time in Hollywood and that has left us excited. She played with a protagonist in Quantico, will she be accepted by the audience ? Let’s wait till summer next year if she passes this litmus test to see.