HOT SITUATION! Aamir and SRK forced Akshay Kumar to stay silent

HOT SITUATION! Aamir and SRK forced Akshay Kumar to stay silent


Shah Rukh Khan’s opinions on religious intolerance had sparked a national discussion with political leaders turning from the performer, slamming him for his remarks. But on the opposite side, there was a bunch of those who was right in expressing SRK’s views on the issue and maintained that he had said no erroneous. Ditto.

The PK star who lately made his views to a single people captured headlines as political parties also condemned his statements.

Not only political parties, many Bollywood stars overly slammed Aamir for his remarks. Aamir asserted that his wife Kiran Rao was considering leaving the state for the level of intolerance meted out in India now.

Request Akshay to discuss the problem and he strikes back, “do not attempt to get any estimate out of me because I will not say anything.”

Akshay who has been a politically correct person refused to comment that his contemporaries SRK and Aamir have faced or are facing on the subject for his or her statements.

This has undoubtedly got us thinking. Akshay is generally reticent so as to prevent courting any controversy, but he does put his views in a fairly scrupulous way. But this time, Akshay’s quiet has undoubtedly got our eyes. Has the fantastic backlash against Aamir and SRK induced deaf to turn here? Your guess is like ours!