HOT SITUATION! Mahira Khan arrives in Mumbai with Shah Rukh Khan despite...

HOT SITUATION! Mahira Khan arrives in Mumbai with Shah Rukh Khan despite the oppositions from Shiv Sena


Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan might be receiving plenty of support from his supporters as well as the crowd but his other movie Raees is definitely not receiving the same amount of love!

He has not absolutely set him in a big soup and much more than poor SRK, his one statement on intolerance, it’s also caused his forthcoming movies face hazards.

But to tell the truth, Raees became controversy’s child substantially before his remark that was intolerance. Even music maestro Ghulam Ali faced plenty of resistances being cancelled and substantially more.

But Mahira Khan had a comeback for the Shiv Sena party’s ban on her which she made very clear on a Halloween party where her friend was dressed in a long tikka plus Shiv Sena’s trademark orange kurta. It’s possible for you to check the whole news out here.

So yes, that again seemed to have aggravated the dilemma also and made her entry in the city all the more cumbersome.

And now guess who is in the city! Mahira herself! Since Raees is already facing a lot of oppositions from the political parties over the statement of SRK and with Mahira also coming onboard to carry on shooting of the picture of the Rahul Dholakia, we wonder if this is an invitation to more hassles.

The conjecture is that perhaps they’ll go to Ahemdabad to end shooting since they both have now been seen at Mumbai airport.

Will the film will solve to things or face more troubles that even Mahira is here?