Hot SUPER STAR John Abraham FINALLY gets to live his dream –...

Hot SUPER STAR John Abraham FINALLY gets to live his dream – find out how!


It’s an established fact that his love for bikes and John Abraham go way back so much so that sometimes we believe that his love for the machine that is mean is not really mild that he certainly makes for our #goals at any certain point of time.

The actor is shooting for Jacquleine Fernandez starrer Dishoom and Varun Dhawan and marketing his upcoming Nishkant Kamat movie Rocky Handsome concurrently and we hear amidst all this he also intends to become an expert bike racer. Say what??

by preparation to understand professional bike racing, John is set to add another feather to his cap that is complete. Yes, we understand you’re having a Dhoom nostalgia trip. We also! A source near the performer disclosed this to a top daily where he explained, “John loves doing new things. The performer supported the news by saying that he can take rests from Bollywood on and off to pursue his fire. Atta boy!

The actor went to state that his bike racing tenure starts in June and he’ll set off to the isle subsequently while also coming back to shoot for his pictures off and on. He additionally said that he’s a rock climber that was professional and want to catch up on that too. Will not it be superb TRENDY? Buff or not remark below!