HOW AWFUL! Puerto Rico’s Miss Universe 2016 Kristhielee Caride Stripped Of Crown...

HOW AWFUL! Puerto Rico’s Miss Universe 2016 Kristhielee Caride Stripped Of Crown Over Bad Attitude


There is never a beauty pageant with no scandal! Kristhielee Caride, who was named Puerto Rico’s Miss Universe just four months ago, was stripped of her crown after saying she simply did not ‘enjoy cameras!'”I saw the damage that she was doing and the damage that she was doing to the organization,” Desiree Lowry, the director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico said during a press conference on March 17, declaring that Kristhielee Caride would be the first to ever be stripped of her crown before the pageant!

Now, she is speaking out in a span apology.”I needed the world to consume me,” Desiree said in a press conference after describing that during an interview using a local newspaper, the beauty queen, 24, she did not need to shoot pictures, saying, “I simply don’t enjoy cameras.””You constantly have to put your best face forward — it is a given that we’re going to be in front of cameras and that we’ve to answer all sorts of questions,” Desiree said in the statement. Brenda Azaria Jimenez was named the brand new Miss Universe Puerto Rico. “I still have not completely processed the advice,” she said.

Kristhielee later posted a long message on her Facebook page apologizing (originally in Spanish, translated):

Greetings to all,
As was well expressed in the letter sent on Monday: “There is no such thing as a bad day, just we had a bad time … and we chose to take it with us all day”

Beauty queens are not exempt from having a bad day and on Sunday March 13 fell to me, perhaps between personal situations that you may have as a human being and “mortal” in addition to my many commitments as Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016 let my feelings antepusieran my work.

In recent days I went through countless personal situations and yet fulfilled the commitments stipulated in my work schedule with responsibility and commitment as always characterized me. Like Sunday I shared with those present, I take pictures and anime event not as some media have established.

I want to express my sincere apologies to each of my fans first of all who have supported me from the first moment, my team and the organization of Miss Universe Puerto Rico. Never was my intension to feel bad, injure or damage the image of those who have helped me to be where I am today.

Err it is human, is also courageous to acknowledge mistakes and want to remain an example of a real woman, with purpose that stays with my head held high against all odds that past life; Boricua extolling the beauty and in turn accept failure. My teaching experience will serve for other girls and the organization of the event.

With dignity I accept the surrender my belt as an ambassador for our island opinion of the organization and its director Desiree Lowry, without agreeing with the decision, but always carry the memory of that night of November 12 where I won the title and all experiences and beautiful memories that I take to have been Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016.
I love you so much,
-Kristhielee Caride
Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016