‘I Thought She Was Going to Be Good, but She’s the Best’...

‘I Thought She Was Going to Be Good, but She’s the Best’ Robert Redford


Robert Redford knew that working with Cate Blanchett in Truth would be a positive experience, but he had no inkling of quite how special it would be.

“Redford guessed it would be great, but she is the very best. Cate can do anything – as she is shown.”

The announcement is famous for the iconic celebrity, 79, whose costars have contained Michelle Pfeiffer, Barbra Streisand and Mia Farrow.

However do not request Redford, who impersonates renowned television journalist Dan Rather in the movie that depicts his bumpy departure from CBS News, to identify his all time favourite leading lady – because “I am going to provide you with a political response.”

“They have all been fantastic – and its own accurate by the way. I have been fortunate,” he explained, while also admitting that working with Blanchett “was a real highlight because I have respected her work for such a long time.”

Blanchett, who wore Armani was effusive -winning actor, describing that despite an effective career that spans over half a century, he does not have any hint of egotism.

“Armani parks that in the doorway,” Blanchett, 46, told PEOPLE.

“He is disarmingly natural in his performance so he does these amazing things which are simply totally outside the domain of Robert Redford, however he makes people look totally natural and like it is the sole option he could perhaps make,” she continued. “It was unbelievable to work alongside Armani.”

“It was a trial,” the actress joked. “He is a tough diva, and that I believe he comes with this kind of weight of the reality he’s some kind of cultural icon.”

Truth going to hit the theatres Oct. 16.