IIFA 2016 Press Conference! Hrithik Roshan REFUSES to share the stage with...

IIFA 2016 Press Conference! Hrithik Roshan REFUSES to share the stage with Salman Khan?


Its about yesterday IIFA press conference! held from Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra to Shahid Kapoor, Anil Kapoor among others with most of the Bollywood biggies in attendance right. It was one helluva star studded affair with everyone putting their best look ahead. Nevertheless, Hrithik Roshan despite being a part of the IIFA family, suspiciously didn’t go during the press con. Yes! He wasn’t seen arriving on stage alongside the staying stars to the likes of Salman, Deepika PC although he was present in the home. Turns out the reason behind this is none apart from friend turned foe, Salman. That’s right!

Our source only tells us that Salman and Hrithik are now not on terms that are quite good. While their cold war has already become the talk of town. Word is that Hrithik is preventing times when he has to come face to face at the IIFA press disadvantage which was held yesterday to Salman – like for instance. Does that mean Salman and Hrithik will refrain from talking to each other? If this cold war has got worse over time but we actually wonder.

For all the unlearned, Hrithik and Salman’s fall out occurred after Salman made a derogatory remark about Hrithik’s film Guzzarish. Khan had jibed about the movie saying, “Koi kutta bhi nahin gaya”, to which Hrithik had replied, “It’s not heroic to laugh or make fun of a filmmaker merely because his BO groups aren’t up there with yours.” While many assumed they have eventually made up. When Hrithik even gave Salman’s Bigg Boss a royal miss during Krissh 3 promotions or for that matter, any movie promotions post that things got clear.

Has Salman and Hrithik ’s friendship really gone for a toss? Drop your ideas in the comments below and we’ll be back with more exclusive goss from IIFA 2016 here.