IIFA SCOOP! Fawad Khan was a DIVA at IIFA 2016 – read...

IIFA SCOOP! Fawad Khan was a DIVA at IIFA 2016 – read EXCLUSIVE details!


Fawad Khan is a hottie who can melt you with his amazing looks and allow you to go weak in your knees with his charisma.But we hear that his manners floored not many at the recently held IIFA Awards in Madrid. And that’ not all looks like a powerful patron was located by Fawad in his cohost Karan Johar. So we determined to dig a bit deeper and locate deets first stint and we wager like us you also will be quite shocked.

A source disclosed that Fawad was a complete diva. The feeling was the script was tweaked to make him comfy even though it meant undermining content. Another source included, “It was not usual that Karan who understands the impacts of an action and ’s such a veteran also raised objections to things that he’s been entirely comfortable with in the past.”

We did get a peek of Karan and Fawad ’s hosting at the IIFA Rocks 2016. That was felt by us.

Sadly looks like Fawad’s unreal demands kind of destroyed his very first time . We ’re certain folks would have anticipated subsequently or a Deepika Padukone Priyanka Chopra be demanding and to throw a fit, but it was Fawad who was being a harder star. We wish the performer would only ‘chull‘ and make some hatke and courageous moves like he does in his filmi career selections. Seems like Fawad needed to play it safe while facing this kind of tremendous and starry crowd in Spain. What does one think about Fawad Khan‘s diva behavior at IIFA Rocks? Post your ideas in the comments section below…