Imran Khan Is Concerned About Improve Health Services At Government Hospitals In...

Imran Khan Is Concerned About Improve Health Services At Government Hospitals In KP


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Tuesday said that it has been determined to make Board (BoG) autonomous at all hospitals to boost health services at government hospitals.

Chairman, nevertheless, said that the government’s determination has been disabled by a number of senior doctors but KPK government would fight the case in the court and apply your decision to provide finest health care facilities to individuals.

Khan made it clear to expose paramedics mafia and those physicians who are opposing government’s health reforms policy.

He explained this while speaking at a news conference at Chief Minister House.
It absolutely was his first public appearance after parting ways with his ex wife Rehman Khan last week.

Moreover, he said that KPK government and his party would even make the names of these doctors public who opposed the determination to make the hospitals autonomous of the government.

Imran stated that the brand new health law is being supported by bulk of the doctors, but few have taken stay orders in the court.

The PTI Chairman said that KPK Assembly has passed an act three months past, but hurdles were being created by the mafia by taking stay orders.

PTI Chairman said that in KPK there are around one million individuals who were visiting hospitals in a year, therefore the PTI government has created tracking system in health sector.

In accordance with the tracking system, 33 per cent physicians were performing their duties around six hours in hospitals, 27 per cent were performing four hours responsibility, 22 per cent were performing three hours, 17 per cent were performing two hours obligation while 7 per cent were performing just one hour’s duty in hospitals.

Chairman further said this year that Peshawar Shaukat Khanum Hospital will likely be completed in December and so far were spent on the hospital.

Imran Khan also valued the operation of Wild Life Department and said that they freed valuable eagles today worth.

Imran informed that it was the pressure that the federal government held LG polls in Punjab and Sindh of the PTI.

At one stage, PTI Chairman Imran Khan infuriated and lashed out at a reporter who tried to enquire about his recent divorce with her -ex- Reham Khan wife.

“Those talking about someone’s private life should be embarrassed,” Khan said replied furiously.

“There are some ethics. No one should ask personal questions,” he said.