“Imran Khan’s dog became more attached to Reham Khan” Divorce over Dogs...

“Imran Khan’s dog became more attached to Reham Khan” Divorce over Dogs rejected


Reham Khan has rejected as “malicious and untrue” claims that she’d prohibited some servants from entering the Banigala mansion.

She told this correspondent that such allegations had nothing to do with the facts. When asked if she organised dance courses in the Banigala mansion which she shared with her former husband Imran Khan, Reham Khan said that there clearly was no truth in these types of allegations and it was “unfortunate” that allegations and claims are made without the signs and confirmation of facts.

“No one in your house ever took dance classes,” said Reham Khan. The prior BBC journalist declared on Saturday that she has signed her divorce documents, officially ending her marriage with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan citing a “break down in relationship”, but the Mail on Sunday asserted that Imran Khan divorced her through a txt message followed by a brief email.

The newspaper claimed that email and the text message was received by Reham Khan instantly after her arrival in Birmingham on October 30 and she also received a call from close aide of Imran Khan, who supported the divorce.

A buddy of Reham Khan here told Geo News that the “Teen Talaq was never sent via text or e-mail”.The trustworthy buddy said: “It was a piece of paper given to Reham when she declared it on Saturday.”

The friend rejected the claims made in a British newspaper that Reham had banned Imran Khan’s dogs from going into the couple’s Banigala mansion which the couple shared until a week ago when they announced their divorce.

The buddy told Geo News that promises made in the Mail on Sunday weren’t right and “facts were totally distinct”.

It’s been confirmed that Reham and Imran had shared love of dogs and care of these perfectly and took both understood about dogs very well.

Sources said that Reham Khan in England, bought the Belgian shepherd, Maximus and taken to Islamabad.

PTI sources have verified that it is Maximus which has been seen in pictures and all interviews of Imran and Reham in the last 10 months.

On 24 th Reham Khan had released a snapshot of Imran Khan reading a paper. The PTI source said that Maximus could be seen in the snapshot including that the same picture was employed by several media outlets.

The source confided: “Imran Khan’s dog became more attached to Reham Khan and was never shunned or banned as falsely reported. There were other dogs in the house as they pleased, plus they would come and go in the home.