In a recent CHIT CHAT Rahul Raj Singh opens up about Pratyusha...

In a recent CHIT CHAT Rahul Raj Singh opens up about Pratyusha Banerjee: It’s wrong to say that I have moved on and am partying!


Before this season, Balika Vadhu celebrity Pratyusha Banerjee was found hanging from a ceiling fan. Rahul ran Pratyusha to the hospital but she was not alive even before reaching the hospital. The producer fled from the hospital and everyone believed that Rahul had something to do with Pratyusha’s suicide. Many asserted that he had murdered her, some maintained that he was the reason why she committed suicide, yet nothing could be established. The producer has been accused of molesting an actress and drunk driving in successive weeks, but the producer denies both these reports…

In fact, reports suggesting that he’s moved on after the entire incident from Pratyusha Banerjee are also trashed by Rahul. Lately, people started bashing him for moving on too easily. The people on social media and from the TV industry mentioned not and how Rahul Raj Singh should be still reeling from the incident partying with pals. But looks like Rahul has a different take on this. Within an interview to Bombay Times, Rahul said, “I only go out with my pals, who are trying their best to pull me out of the injury. What do you expect me to do? Stay in the hospital or be out traveling like a mad man? I had given my 100 per cent. The incident was shocking to me and I am still attempting to find out what could have activated that. It’s incorrect to say that I am partying and have moved on. It doesn’t mean that I’ve moved on, if I ‘m having a sip of beer. After losing a parent people resume work; they don’t stop living. But yes, that void can’t be filled.”

Talking about the drunk driving charges, Rahul added, “I wasn’t driving. My friend will show up in the court to record his statement. I scarcely drive ever since the event (Pratyusha’s departure) took place; the physician has additionally advised me not to. Looks like every case that involves me remotely is blown out of proportion.”

And as we mentioned, earlier last week, an actress accused Rahul Raj Singh of molesting her. But the producer discloses that these are false claims and in fact, he was attempting to protect his sister. “Firstly, as Rahul Raj disclosed, there was not two and just one girl. Secondly , every girl here is a self-proclaimed celebrity or model. Would I be roaming free if there are any charges of molestation? Isn’t that a serious claims? I went for a birthday party with my sister (Sahila Chaddha), where a bunch of three guys started misbehaving with her. I promptly left to sit in another section and intervened. While we were leaving, they began to mistreat us and a girl came charging towards us. She hit her heels against Sahila di. I was nowhere even close to her to be accused of molesting her and the CCTV footage has corroborated this. We filed an FIR and went to the police station. Her group and the girl filed a counter charge.”

He tries to be careful, but every time he steps out, he ends up being involved in some or the other controversy… Strange, isn’t it?

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