In Peshawar, cricket flourishes from bombs to prizes

In Peshawar, cricket flourishes from bombs to prizes

Peshawar won their second successive Twenty20 title with trainers and players hailing for helping the sport prosper in the Taliban, dropping rates -plagued area.

For a long time, Taliban suicide bombers could hit almost at will as individuals dreaded leaving their houses to go shopping out.

However, the situation has improved noticeably since the authorities started leading military offensives in the North Waziristan tribal district geared toward clearing Taliban and Al Qaeda bases.

Karachi and Lahore have become the conventional foundations of cricketing power in the nation, with smaller towns and cities in comfortable Punjab state additionally providing the national side lately.

It seems Khyber Pakhtunkhwa state — house to ethnic Pashtuns that are celebrated because of their bravery and prowess in battle — is booming.

Peshawar trainer Abdul Rehman confessed cricket success came against militancy after activity.

“Parents were frightened of sending their children, but since the military operation cricket has thrived in KP in general and Peshawar in particular.”

Peshawar players match the cavalier approach of the quick-growing Afghanistan team, a number of whom learned the game across town in refugee camps.