India is listed as the top rated of acid attacks in world

India is listed as the top rated of acid attacks in world


Worldwide, there are acid assaults each year with more recorded as many as 1,500 than 1,000 cases estimated to happen in India alone. Nevertheless, lots of assaults go unreported because victims are excessively frightened of reprisals they said in a report.


Most sufferers are girls, assaulted over property or national disputes, a marriage proposal that was castaway or spurned sexual advances, the report said.

Casualties are left with lifelong mental and physical scars.

In spite of the seriousness of the offense, acid remains easily accessible India rubber and where it’s used in production as well as the processing of cotton, despite an 2013 Supreme Court order to control sales.

India made acid strikes a particular criminal offence in 2013, as well as the Supreme Court this year ruled that sufferers should get free medical treatment and minimal damages of 300,000 rupees ($4,500).

Analysing 55 instances of acid violence the report, depending on research found that it will take between five and 10 years for a legal case to be reasoned.