India plans 5-layer ‘lock’ at Pakistan border

India plans 5-layer ‘lock’ at Pakistan border


The Center has okayed a five-layer detailed strategy to entirely cease infiltration on the 2,900-kilometer western boundary with Pakistan. It entails round the clock surveillance through advanced technology which in effect will completely “lock in” India’s western boundary to prevent Pathankot-like terror strikes and smuggling.

CCTV cameras, picture that is thermal and night-vision devices, battlefield surveillance radar, tracking detectors that are subterranean and laser obstacles will likely be put over the boundary to monitor all motion in the other side. The integrated setup will ensure that if one device does not function, the control room will be alerted by another officials said.

CIBMS, officials said, is the sole option to prevent additional terror strikes of any substance like Pathankot, infiltration and smuggling. The government has realised that this can be the lone way to prevent additional assaults despite the fact that it’s going to surely cost a bomb. Interestingly, it’s also the very first time since Independence that its western boundary will be totally locked by India.

A senior home ministry official said CIBMS would additionally help security forces capture people who help in the Indian side of the edge in infiltration, as the radars could have a 360-degree coverage as well as the cameras would operate dayandnight looking on either side.

The government has approved 30 kilometers each for setup of CIBMS in Punjab and Gujarat. The authorities apparently intends to cover the complete boundary with “technological surveillance”