India PM Modi apologises after city is shut down by Chandigarh visit

India PM Modi apologises after city is shut down by Chandigarh visit


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has apologised to residents of the northern city of Chandigarh for inconvenience caused to them by his visit.

Officials shut down a public crematorium ahead of Mr Modi’s visit on Friday plus schools to inaugurate a new airport.

Mr Modi tweeted that the annoyance to residents was “absolutely avoidable” and said an inquiry could be held.



The measures were greatly criticised on mainstream and social media.

Local media was full of accounts of people whose daily routines have been disturbed by Mr Modi’s visit.

The NDTV news channel spoke to a number of bereaved individuals who had been made after the major crematorium in Chandigarh was converted right into a short-term parking space to get a public rally, to work with another crematorium in the western area of the city.

Faculties and many schools supposedly needed to cancel or postpone evaluations after state officials declared that all educational institutes in the town will be shut.

Several politicians in the opposition Congress party who was planning to greet Mr Modi were also pre emptively detained, causing additional indignation.

The Stateman newspaper asked whether the prime minister’s visit was “above instruction, deaths and liberty”.

Similar furious reactions were seen across social websites. Any replies?”

A parody accounts called India Explained noted that “GOI sternly warns those planning to expire in Chandigarh today not to participate in such anti-national activities”.