India uproar, Salman Khan condemned for ‘raped woman’ joke

India uproar, Salman Khan condemned for ‘raped woman’ joke


Bollywood star Salman Khan has been given a week to apologise after he told reporters his filming schedule was so gruelling he felt like a “raped woman”.

If not, the National Commission for Women (NCW) said he would be issued with a summons.

Khan had immediately realised his gaffe and retracted, but many media outlets carried only the “raped girl” comment.

He has been lambasted by outraged Twitter users, and the hashtag #InsensitiveSalman was trending on Tuesday.

A counter campaign is trending #Salmanmisquoted.

The brutal gang rape and murder of a pupil in 2012 in the Indian capital Delhi led to protests and new anti -rape laws in the country.

However, sexual attacks against children and women continue to be reported.

Khan is playing a fighter in his next film Sultan.

Khan’s full quotation, according to audio recordings released by the media was, “When I used to walk from that ring, it was previously really like a raped girl walking out”.

As journalists begin laughing, he says, “I don’t believe I should have” and tries to explain that he found it difficult to walk.