Int’l Dancing fest makes journey around world

Int’l Dancing fest makes journey around world


A global dance festival will start tomorrow in the Youth Theatre with performances.

Ilana Bellahsen and the artist duet Artour Astman will start the festival via a colourful fantasy world filled with varied localities waiting to be learned.

The piece is the duo’s first full length performance.

Produced in France and raised in Israel, Bellahsen has lived in Tel Aviv since 2008.

The opening show will even feature a coproduction involving Belgian dance troupe Dame de Pic and the VNOB. The piece entitled Sur le Rivage (On the Coast) was choreographed in 2013 by Karine Ponties.

Choreographer Ponties made her debut using the piece Benedetto Pacifico in the very first festival in 2011.

The bit La Tour des Vents was the primary cooperation involving the choreographer and VNOB Ponties.

The climax of the festival is going to be a 70-minute dancing entitled Zweiland (Twin Lands) at 8pm on Friday.

Sasha Waltz choreographed twin Lands, and its own world premiere was in 1997 in Berlin. Twin Lands tells a story of Germany’s history in regular scenarios that are illogical that switch with fairytale pictures and character studies. The performers in ways that enables the music and dancing to unite together interpret German tunes from different centuries.

“I ‘ve looked into our common history which was really longer in relation to the time of separation,” Waltz said. “This portrait finds endless organizations in other cultures, and a lot of people can relate to these colourful and poetic – occasionally depressed, but in addition comical – day-to-day scenarios.”

Two showings of Twin Lands will happen at Ha Noi Opera House at 8pm on Saturday and Friday.

Two dancers from Poland and Japan will have solo performances. The Japanese dancer called KENTARO!!

The work made its introduction in Japan as well as in July in France this month.

Polish dancer Daniel Stryjecki will debut a piece highlighting the problems related to narcissism, a personality disorder, and the way that it influences interactions with others.

Dancer Tran Ly Ly and Vietnamese choreographer and her group were the rousing final performance of the festival of last year’s.

“It copes with today’s hectic lifestyle, which alters our lives in the bottom upwards and makes us impatient and inattentive.” For more info, visit web site