Investigation into Volkswagen scandal launches by Italy

Investigation into Volkswagen scandal launches by Italy


An investigation has started into Volkswagen (VW) for potentially misleading consumers that have purchased diesel automobiles in the German automaker.

The inquiry into VW and its own subsidiary company in Italy is established because of “whines filed with several consumer organizations”, Xinhua news agency quoted antitrust authority as saying in a statement released on Friday.

At least 648,458 vehicles were associated with the scandal according to data released by VW. They all will be remembered to get revision.

“Consumers could happen to be misled in their own purchases from the claims on emissions and kind acceptance standards used by Volkswagen within their advertising campaigns and informational pamphlets given out by dealers and retailers,” it included.

Last month, VW admitted automobiles were equipped with a device capable to briefly reduce emissions during official assessment in Europe and the usa. The dishonest practice involved up to 11 million diesel automobiles world-wide, the organization accepted.