iOS 9.1 update launched by Apple

iOS 9.1 update launched by Apple


Australians can now access content in just what is a bittersweet innovation for the news publishing business.

The app provides a one-stop store for users to freely view content submitted by news providers plus some of the largest news gatherers on the planet are making a portion of content available.

Is now available to Australian and UK users who update to Apple’s latest iOS variant 9.1, which may be downloaded now.

Apple News possibly conflicts with the paywall model used by news organisations that offer users’ content to paid subscribers, while it provides a convenient way for them to peruse news content.

Therefore users are not likely to get into content that news organisations reserve for subscribers. Just limited content might be shared by some news organisations through the service.

Nonetheless the biggest problem for news suppliers with Apple News is its marketing revenue model. News organisations can make 100 per cent of the revenue from ads they sell, and 70 per cent of these sold by Apple.

While that might not sound unreasonable, it introduces the notion of Apple leveraging advertising revenue in an area where news organisations have. Therefore the media will watch the development attentively.

Can iPad or an iPhone obtain all important news in the program? It depends on simply how much content Apple is shared with by those organisations.

It said news will be curated by humans rather than chosen, at least completely, by algorithms.

They comprise chosen content from The Australian’s Life The Age, The Australian Women’s Weekly section, Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, ABC, SBS, and The Guardian.

Apple’s iOS 9.1 isn’t just about bringing Apple News to Australia and the UK.

IS 9.1 additionally addresses a problem for the unwary using Apple’s live photographs feature. Users who snap pictures with all the iPhone would find their live photo video snaps included pictures of the ground simply because they’d put the camera down before the live picture video stopped recording.

Live pictures now uses the iPhone detectors to work out when a user raises or lowers their handset so that live photos is not going to record those movements.