iPhone 7 is going to be smoother and faster than ever

iPhone 7 is going to be smoother and faster than ever


Rumors are mingling related to the iPhone 7 whereas iPhone 6s isn’t expected to be released until September 2015.

Leaked photos of iPhone 6s from the manufactures showed up a few alterations in the design and these alterations could be possible in iPhone 7 as well.

If you want to have some latest updates and you are purely a technology lover than you must know that the iPhone 7 is a kind of hot gossip now days even iPhone 6s isn’t released yet!

Everyone wants to be updated and wants to keep the social circle high with high end phone. So why not IOS? IPhone 7 is expected to be the hub of latest technology and is going to be the tower of strength.

Rumors are already in the air about this mysterious latest phone.

Force Touch can read what your mood to do is!

This sounds good that force touch can read your mind and this can be the most amazing feature in iPhone 7. Apparently, the latest iPhone 7 will be extra powerful. So, if you try a hard press on it-screen will directly pop up with reply instead of opening the mail.

IPhone 7 will be smoother and faster than ever because iPhone 7 will be loaded with the bunch of software to make it a wonderful device.