Is Mahesh Bhatt making a movie in Pakistan?

Is Mahesh Bhatt making a movie in Pakistan?


The Indian director/producer is investigating the likelihood of creating a Punjabi movie as a Pak India coproduction.

He told a press conference on The Mall on Friday in a resort the picture — Dushman — would have been an actual coproduction when it comes to artistes, technicians, other as well as music sections.

Indian Punjab film producer Vinay Bhardwaj and Indian movie screenwriter Shagufta Rafique were present.

He explained he wondered if Indian movies may be shot in Sri Lanka, in that case why not in Lahore and Karachi too.

He explained movie actress Meera asked him for any character in some of his movies and phoned, however he failed to have some purpose to offer her right now. He said he’d contemplate Meera’s request as time goes on.

About his Punjabi coproduction, he’d hold meetings with TV and movie artistes in Lahore. He said he’d contacted a couple of senior TV artistes to cast them in the picture, yet they were unwilling to play in a Punjabi picture though he failed to mention the names.