IS THIS FLIRT OR WHAT? If not Katrina Kaif, who will be...

IS THIS FLIRT OR WHAT? If not Katrina Kaif, who will be a part of Ranbir Kapoor’s tattoo?


You will find just two types of men and women on the planet. Those of you who are sensitive to getting inked, while others therefore are constantly planning what their next tat will probably be and that are hooked on tattoos. There’s a third type at the same time, to be honest. Those people who are unsure when they’ll get inked, however they understand if and when they do, what they do need. Ranbir Kapoor falls because group.

But I’ve thought about it.” Actually, he nearly got it done. He admits, “I was considering getting it, but whoever I talked to dissuaded me. It was an outliner of Chaplin, such as a small miniature one, that is it.
Ranbir’s fascination with Chaplin is old. While filming Barfi, where he plays a mute man as well as a deaf, he admitted that he drew inspiration. The Kapoor lad is a devotee of the cinematic superstar since he was a young boy. So it is only apt he gets the tat of his hero!

In case you recall Ranbir’s exgirlfriend his name had been inked by Deepika Padukone but Ranbir has no strategies about inking present girlfriend the name of Katrina. Tell u in the remarks section below!