Issue Raise Again! Amy Adams Doesn’t Exactly Agree With Jennifer Lawrence on...

Issue Raise Again! Amy Adams Doesn’t Exactly Agree With Jennifer Lawrence on Gender Pay Gap


About filming American Hustle with the gender pay difference as well as Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams opened up the girls experienced.

The Oscar-nominated star, 41, confessed that she understood she had been paid less than Christian Bale, her male costars Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner. Unlike fellow performer Lawrence, who composed an essay concerning the sex wage gap after learning during the leaked Sony e-mails concerning the pay difference, Adams determined to not be sung about it.

“The truth is we hire individuals to negotiate on our behalf, men and girls … I understood I had been paid less and because the choice comes down to do it, I consented to do it or do not do it. And that means if it is worthwhile for you personally, you have to choose. It does not mean I enjoyed it.”In October, Lawrence described via Lena Dunham’s Lenny that she was not mad at Sony, but at herself for neglecting at negociate.

Nevertheless, the Huge Eyes star she is still “proud” of her 25-year old costar. “What I enjoyed is that it wasn’t always about getting paid, or not getting paid … It is like we [women] have already been conditioned to uncontroversial, to not cause difficulties.

When requested by British GQ in the event the director David O. Russell made her shout on set, Adams said that he did nearly every day. “I was truly only devastated on set. I mean, most, although not every day. Jennifer does not take any of it on. She is Teflon. And I’m not Teflon. But I also do not like to view other folks handled horribly … “Life to me is more significant than pictures. It actually taught me the best way to divide home as well as work.