IT’s COMPLICATED! Justin Bieber Still Romancing Hailey Baldwin While Trying To Win...

IT’s COMPLICATED! Justin Bieber Still Romancing Hailey Baldwin While Trying To Win Back Selena Gomez?


Uncomfortable considerably? Despite the fact that Justin Bieber is clearly attempting to get the focus of Selena Gomez , again, his other non-girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin, was hanging out at the ‘Purpose’ tour together with his mother!

Bieber, 22, appears to be having trouble making his mind up when it comes to the women in his life. Hmm!What the heck is going on? Justin and Hailey are obviously still good friends, maybe even more, because she was spotted hanging out backstage at his Objective show on Sunday night, March 20 at the STAPLES Center in La, Calif.

Not only that, but she seemed to be attached at the hip with his mom, Pattie, because the two modeled for quite a few pictures together. This happened just one day after Justin posted a superb romantic throwback picture of himself BFF’s!But although they look like they could bf and Selena locking lips. Um, what? Whoa!

Oh, and also to make matters even more perplexing, the photograph was both enjoyed and commented by Selena, leaving fans baffled as for their status because they both ultimately seemed to have moved on from one another. Jelena shippers, suppose not!

Justin has also reached out to Selena in hopes that she will come see one of his Intent shows at the STAPLES Center the week of March 21. But will she really go?

Only time will tell! What’s going to be even more intriguing to see is whether or not Hailey and Selena have a little run-in at one of Justin’s shows. In the end, they can not both be his VIP woman for the evening, can they? Eek!