It’s hard to be a sex machine in Malaysia these days

It’s hard to be a sex machine in Malaysia these days


The inspector general of police of the state has declared a local technology seminar centered around sexual relations between robots and people is illegal and the individuals who coordinated the occasion is going to be penalized when they carry on with it anyhow, local media reports.

“Do not attempt to be silly,” he barked. “It is already a violation in Malaysia to have anal sex, what more sexual intercourse with robots.”

A link on the occasion’s web site directs any interested parties to a different webpage, named “Progress in Computer Entertainment Conference.”

“Interactive entertainment is certainly one of the very most lively aspects of curiosity about modern society and is one of the quickest growing sectors on the planet,” a description reads.

“In 2015, ACE will bring together leading researchers and professionals from academia and business to present their creative work and discuss all facets and challenges of interactive entertainment technology, in a lively, exciting, ethnic, and stimulating environment.”

Sex robots are examined in movies like “Ex Machina,” in which celebrity Alicia Vikander played a lifelike robot named Ava.

However among the cochairs of the function, City University London Professor Adrian David, told The Star Online the summit will certainly not advocate sexual relationships between machines and people, insisting the occasion was just an academic conversation among research workers.

But Bakar warned when they go through using the robot sex peak that all organizers will be punished quickly.

“There are lots of laws that we are able to use.”