“Jennifer is a great writer,” Amy Schumer

“Jennifer is a great writer,” Amy Schumer


Sounds like everything is coming along fairly and nicely with the movie that Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are composing jointly.

“Jennifer is a great writer,” Schumer told me last night in the Hollywood Film Awards. “She doesn’t play purchase the rules. Jennifer’s wonderful.”

The Silver Linings Playbook star revealed in August to The New York Times that a script was being worked by the two together. The two’ve been tight lipped on details spilling that they’ll be playing with sisters.

Not sure just how much work they’ll be getting done in the the next couple of weeks is about to start a global tour for the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. The world premiere takes place in Berlin on Wednesday.

The concluding episode of The Hunger Games series is in theaters Nov. 20.

Schumer was honored in the Hollywood Film Awards with the Hollywood Comedy Award.

Selena Gomez presented the award to her, as we previously reported.

“Selena talk about Schumer obsessively,” Gomez said. “Gomez’ve tweeted Schumer frequently. I try to impersonate Schumer and it will not actually work. I actually just met Schumer so essentially what I am saying is I am extremely happy that certainly Jennifer Lawrence was not competent to do this tonight because I love you.”

Schumer assured the “Revival” singer, ” “the great writer did not even request Jen–Selena, you were my first pick.”