Jennifer Lopez Intimate Home Movie Leaked: No Reconciliation?

Jennifer Lopez Intimate Home Movie Leaked: No Reconciliation?



Close dwelling footage of former fiancee Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continues to be released.

RadarOnline got the videos, shot on a camcorder, which reveal Affleck¬†“hugging and fondling [Lopez’s] breasts” at a party and “hanging out in a hot tub having fun with friends and family.”


43 Affleck, and Lopez, 46, ended their relationship in 2004. The “Batman v Superman” star went to wed Jennifer Garner, but the couple is now divorcing¬†Or perhaps not.

Sources claim the duo, who have three children — Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3 — are attempting to reconcile for the sake of their kids.

“They are trying to make things work, but it’s really tough,” an insider told. “They have been back and forth for years on this subject. There is still love there that they are trying to figure out. The kids are the great equalizer that they want to stay together for, so it’s a daily battle to see if it will work out. It is 50/50 at best.”

“Jen is interested in saving her marriage for her kids, but is not interested in having more kids,” added the source. “She is taking it day by day and Ben has really been a changed man of late, so it might just work out now that the dust has cleared.”

Halloween — yes, the holiday — will likely prove “the next stage of reconciliation” for the pair, according to a family friend.

“The entire family is looking forward to Halloween because they can go out, dress up, and be normal people,” the pal told. “People will not know who they are.”

“They both know all eyes are on them from the media to their friends, which is obviously difficult when you are trying to put a family back together,” added the friend. “But they are still trying and Halloween will be a major help and step forward in that process!”

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