Jeremy Clarkson: My time in rehabilitation ‘penitentiary’

Jeremy Clarkson: My time in rehabilitation ‘penitentiary’


MOTORMOUTH Jeremy Clarkson has disclosed the strain of losing his Top Gear occupation drove him to “rehabilitation”.

The star, after hitting a producer who had been fired by the BBC, was sent into a distant refuge by physicians.

Jezza said: “Back in the summer it had been determined by men and women with serious faces and stethoscopes that Clarkson needed an entire break.

“They were talking of an entire month in the Stone Age.

“I must go instantly into a penitentiary where there will not be any contact with the external world.”

Clarkson, that has signed a big money deal to reboot the motoring show was seen by the escape in bed each night following a day.

Clarkson was encouraged to practise Zumba, meditation, yoga and t’ai chi.

But Clarkson was impressed along with his milieu.

Clarkson included: “Clarkson concurred because in my head it might be a gentleman’s retreat, full of Scandinavian furniture and half-nude Vietnamese girls. It was not. Actually it was an actual penitentiary.”