Jodie Rogers pass away last week Lanterns let off in memory

Jodie Rogers pass away last week Lanterns let off in memory


MORE than 100 people turned out to release lanterns in memory of 11-year-old Jodie Rogers, who died after a collision with a car.

Seven days following the disaster, family, buddies as well as members of the people turned out in force last night at the Grant Thorold Park of Grimsby, to release balloons and lanterns within an action of remembrance and reverence.

Jodie’s grieving mom, Nicola Rogers, said: “It is only so disturbing understanding why 100 people are all here tonight in the very first place. It is an excellent indication of reverence.

I have never met most of the folks here and that causes it to be a lot more unique.”

The Cleethorpes schoolgirl, who had been cycling at period of the event, was airlifted to Leeds General Infirmary where she passed away.

Wasted friends, family and residents have left at the scene of the event on the duration of the week an enormous draw of blooms, messages and signals.

At the most recent action of community solidarity, Nicola stated that she was “overwhelmed” by how the community has come together to pay homage to her daughter.

She said:

Jodie’s aunty, Chrystal Williams, organised the lantern launch and included the party was a “amazing action of admiration”.

Chrystal said: “It means more than you can imagine to the entire family to find so a lot of people turn up tonight. It is a fantastic display of admiration and my heart goes out to everyone that has made the attempt.”

Grimsby resident Lisa Dixon was the one who dialled 999 in the scene of the event. She turned out to pay her esteem in the “mental” lantern discharge.

She said: “This week it continues to be amazing to see what individuals can achieve when they set their thoughts to it, it is only a shame we are carrying it out for this reason.

“It will be extremely emotional to find the lanterns vanish to the sky however a fantastic mark of respect for her.”